Nobody wants or plans to have to deal with the courts, but sometimes things happen in life and it becomes necessary to take legal action. I personally had a hard trying to represent myself in court and froze completely - I wish I would have had hired Lisa from the very start. Lisa is a genuine person, an amazing attorney and is truly the most honest attorney I have encountered. If you are looking for an attorney to actually HELP you and not just take your money, someone who will provide you with the support you need and be honest with you no matter what the circumstances may be (realistically), then Lisa is the one.
— Karla
Lisa helped me and my family through a very difficult and stressful divorce. Not only did she guide me through the legal process, but she also offered a level of emotional support and reassurance that was above and beyond the job description. Her communication style is direct and no-nonsense, which I really appreciated in working with her during a time that was otherwise extremely confusing and chaotic. She helped me understand the legal process and gain a broader perspective of the situation, and also showed a great deal of empathy for everyone involved.
— Katie
I don’t have alot of experience with family law attorneys but Lisa has helped me tremendously, not only giving me the confidence to persue legal visitation with my daughter, but also helped guide me in decision making on how to go about doing so.

She has guided me in every step of the way, making me feel very comfortable with every decision I have made. If I had to do it again I wouldn’t have chosen any other attorney
— Denny
I found Lisa Kenn, by looking up on line for a lawyer, knowing I was taking a chance. I found Lisa honest, down to earth, and willing to research the things she did not know, and most of all admit she did not have the answer, but would find it if at all possible.
— Maryann
I am glad that I hired Lisa as my attorney. Lisa helped me a lot with my case. She is very professional and knowledgeable lawyer.
— Oksana
Breakups are complicated especially if there are children and property involved. You really don’t understand the emotional turmoil you will experience when you are threatened to have your children ripped from your life regardless of how good of a father you are to your children or a good partner to their mother.

Lisa handled the custody negotiation for my son and the appeal to the eviction of my former partner. When I decided to hire Lisa I was in a serious legal disadvantage. Lisa always gave me a realistic view on how to approach my case. She was able to negotiate the removal of my former partner from my house and establish parenting schedule with my son. Lisa is able to see through the B.S. and focus on what was most important. Lisa saved my son’s home.

I am very happy with her advice and her results in my case because she took into consideration what was in the best interest for my son, my long term goals for my financial wellbeing and my son’s sense of security. I should have hired Lisa before attempting representing myself in court.

Call Lisa if you want an attorney to “give it to you straight”. Family court is complex and emotionally draining. Let Lisa handle it for you.
— Miguel